About Me

Fashion and style are my passion and are the main feature of my blog.  My goal is to write for a Canberra/Australia based audience with a goal to dress for less!  The fashion industry (as wonderful as it may be) is extremely wasteful and at times a bit elitist.  Trends come and go and I strongly believe style and fashion should not be limited by a person’s credit card.  I post tips on how to re-use, recycle and revive items from your wardrobe as well as share tips on where I shop for budget conscious outfits.  Watch out for my weekly Tight Ass Tuesday posts where I style an outfit head to toe for under $100.

Food, DIY, photography, nail art and travel are also high on my list of daydream topics.

Photos courtesy of Chalk Studios, HD Photography and Jenna King Photography

A bit more about me:

I love:
• Emptying out my handbag and re-packing it
• Zombie movies
• Really obese animals – they are unnaturally cute
• Camping
• Vanilla ice cream with a scoop of milo and dollop of nutella
• Zip lock sandwich bags, their uses are endless!
• Planning holidays based on what to eat
• Staring at my shoe collection
• Making lists

I hate:
• Indecisiveness!
• Falling in love with shoes that don’t fit properly and buying them anyway
• People who are never on time
• The charity workers in Garema Place, so aggressive
• Festival shorts
• My neighbour’s jack russell
• Karaoke
• Needing to pee in the middle of the night

The real me 🙂