October 2018 through my iPhone

Welcome to my October 2018. A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

1st October – Just hanging with my mate, don’t know how to tell her to stop copying my outfits…

2nd October – Loving the new Twinnings cold water infusions, so refreshing in summer and a great alternative to sugary drinks

2nd October – Lunch time vitamin D top up with the ladies

6th October – In a dress, still looks like a boy!

7th October – Something amazing happened today, we managed to take a reasonable family photo!

10th October – Happy birthday to me!  I broke my 6 month shopping ban and bought myself a little gift.  In my defence they were pre-owned Louboutins selling for less than half RRP, what was I supposed to do?

10th October – I actually love sharing a birthday with this little chipmonk

10th October – Birthday dinner outfit featuring a new Portmans blazer from hubby

14th October – But first, coffee…

14th October – Date night at Lazy Su

20th October – Family trip down to the coast and first port of call is a beige lunch!

20th October – First time at the beach and she’s taken to it like a duck to water!

20th October – First family holiday and it’s been raining the whole time but we are still loving it!

21st October – Our enviable AirBnB backyard!

21st October – Little explorer

21st October – Now is probably a good time to stop taking photos and to be a responsible parent!

25th October – Sunshine and lunch dates

27th October – Yep, she is my daughter, LOL

28th October – Early morning walks around the lake produce some pretty little scenes

28th October – A beer bigger than your face is a good beer indeed!

28th October – I’ve been doing some major wardrobe minimisation of late which means I have to make my existing pieces work harder to earn their keep.  This is a jacket from a 2 piece suit.  Work or casual it’s versatility make it a great all rounder.

30th October – After just a week of annual leave I’ve somehow come back to 3 months worth of work… It defies the laws of time and space!!

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