September 2018 through my iPhone

Welcome to my September 2018. A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

1st September – I’m starting to dig deep into the depths of my wardrobe to restyle things that have remained forgotten for some time and stumbled across this old gem!  Jumper by Kenzo, available here

2nd September – The sweetest kid

2nd September – Fathers Day degustation at XO restaurant Narrabundah“What is this, a bao for ants?”

3rd September – Now this is how you house party!

5th September – Took the day off work to have a “Mummy and Isaac” day.  Kicked the day off with a coffee and babycino, followed by a visit to the gallery.

5th September – He wouldn’t believe me when I told him they weren’t edible so had to try each one himself.

5th September – Nothing gets them more excited than icy poles!  I love the Proud and Punch range as they are filled with nothing but 100% fruit and veg.  In summer I’ll usually make my own popsicles from seasonal fruit but these are an easier alternative and the mini size is perfect for small hands.

7th September – Spring is here and my outfits are morphing from 50 shades of grey to a little more colour.  Top is from Portmans from their milano knit collection and skirt is Zara, similar here.  Both were purchased around 6 months ago before my shopping ban!

9th September – What I’m really doing when I’m taking nude photos… my collection of nude polishes continues to expand with shade #103 by 3ina, their polish is only $10.50 and is highly pigmented and creamy.  Most importantly it is cruelty free – paraban free – vegan.

12th September – The cruel reality that is Asian hair… thank god for hair straighteners (and Snapchat filters)!

15th September – Saturday is leg day!  Slowly building up strength through the posterior chain again.  I haven’t done much lifting since Isaac was born but it feels great to be getting my strength back and building more stability throughout my core which in turn keeps my back pain under control.  Win win!

15th September – Post-training visit to Sonoma and OH.MY.GOD their custard tart transported me to a different dimension!

16th September – The reality of trying to get the a family photo…. after photo 58 you generally just settle for the one that has all faces visible and eyes open

16th September – Floriade this year has delivered the goods!  Loving the vibrant and fun theme of “Pop Culture”

17th September – Sometimes you need racing stripes to stay ahead of the game – pants (treggings) by Zara $49.99, available here

21st September – What an improvement!  What would I do without Erika from Kriss Kross??

22nd September – Today we achieved a huge milestone, we managed to have brunch in a cafe as a family!  It doesn’t seem like much however having a child with autism places so many restrictions on where you can go and what you can do.  It’s incredibly isolating and many of our family and friends still don’t understand why we can’t simply join them for lunch.  He may have eaten his scrambled eggs with his hands, he may have almost lost it when I restricted him to a single babycino and we may have had to pull out the iPad to keep both kids under control but Isaac remained seated for the duration of brunch, something I would have thought impossible only 6 months ago.  So proud of of this little champ.

22nd September“Your boys are so cute”… something I hear every single day!  LOL.  It doesn’t bother me, people are used to seeing girls in pink and boys in blue and I have nothing against that.  I just chose to dress Ava (and Isaac) the way I want, in comfortable clothes that are easy to wash and hide stains!  They are generally hand me downs from her brother.  When she is old enough to start expressing her own sense of style this may change but for now, she remains a tiny lumberjack.

22nd September – Having a relaxing and rejuvenating afternoon nap… NOT!

23rd September – The real MVP.  When both kids throw a tantrum and refuse to walk, the car is parked a million miles away and your wife’s arms have fallen off after already carrying whinging, man-sized 3 year old a considerable distance… Standing ovation please.

23rd September – You aren’t truly Asian if the sight of green mangoes doesn’t make your mouth water instantly.

27th September – Is it really a a birthday if there is not a public display of love communicated through photo collage posted on social media?  The answer is no.  The task is made especially difficult if there is over a decade of photographic material that goes into completing those 9 tiny tiles.  Happy 30th birthday to Jade, so close we consider you family.  This year will be the one that you have waited your whole life for, can’t wait to share it with you, XOX.

29th September – We might have a little gymnast on our hands…

29th September – When in doubt, add a splash of red.  Palazzo pants by Zara, top by Portmans, both older items from my wardrobe.

29th September – Sometimes all you need are your friends and a few bottles of prosecco to feel yourself again <3

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