August 2018 through my iPhone

Welcome to my August 2018. A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

2nd August – Laundry basket rides are the best

3rd August – Loving the new Fila range at Target

4th August – A tiny girl in a tiny robe!

7th August – These two light up my whole world with their cheeky smiles

12th August – Family shoe situation (minus Isaac as it would ruin the aesthetics of my photo!)

18th August – Thrifting with my mini and she’s already a pro.  She picked out this Seed Heritage fedora all on her own and refused to leave the store without it

18th August – Duck face

18th August – House party vibes

24th August – Going in for day surgery and not sure which PM I’m going to wake up to!  #teamjbish

25th August – Afternoon cake baking session…. I swear Ava is my spirit animal, LOL!

26th August – Forget knee high boots, these boots by Lipstik almost reach my pelvis!

26th August – Sunday night, winter in Canberra and there is still a line at Messina!

27th August – Fresh linen, is there any better feeling?

27th August – Bloody scavenger!

27th August – OOTD for off at home doing chores.  These $25 Everlast trackies are my fave.  Fleecy lined and cosy yet the turn over waistband and slim fit also make them a lot less daggy than your regular trackpant.

28th August – Mornings no longer sub zero?  That’s bare leg weather in my books!

30th August – For those that follow my IG stories you may have seen that I am on a self imposed 6 month shopping ban.  From July to December I will not buy any new clothes, shoes, bags, etc.  I hope to learn how to make better shopping choices, be less of a slave to consumerism, minimise my wardrobe, reduce my contribution to waste through fast fashion and save money!!  Two months in and I caved (slightly) and purchased this vintage, wool blazer by Cue for $12 at Vinnies.  The loophole I guess is that it’s pre-loved and not new.  This is the perfect example of how thrifting can be high quality, chic and affordable while recycling someone elses’s waste.

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