July 2018 through my iPhone

Welcome to my July 2018. A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

1st July – This room was spotless 5 mins ago…

3rd July – Turtle necks are my new favourite thing this winter and a necessity with crappy office heating (or lack there of).  This one is my favourite by Uniqlo, made from light weight merino wool it warm, breathable and perfect for layering, available here.

3rd July – As a mid-year resolution I’ve decided to go 6 months without buying any new clothes.  This endeavour not only will help me simplify and minimise my life but also reduce the amount of clothing waste I contribute to by learning more considered shopping habits.  These cut out booties by Windsor Smith were the last purchase I made before the ban kicked in!  Well worth the splurge, available here.

4th July – Her favourite part of the day, getting wrapped up like a sausage roll after her bath!

7th July – OOTD while out celebrating hubby’s dinner at Pialligo Estate
Now that I’m not shopping I have to rework the items already in my wardrobe.  This jumber is from 2015 (originally posted here), dressed up with a gucci belt and OTK boots by Lipstik, similar here.

8th July – Finally found a teddy bear coat that doesn’t look hideous!  I found this one a few weeks ago at Ally Fashion.  It’s like wearing a giant hug.

10th July – Further celebrations for hubby with a mid week lunch at Raku, we went the 8 course tasting menu which might seem a little over the top for lunch but it came out quickly and we were back at work within the hour.

11th July – When your home office has no heating…

12th July – Trying to personalise my office only to realise that I hate pink and am prone to killing plants… not really personalised at all!

14th July – KAWAII!

14th JulyWinter in the City Festival and I took the kids on the ferris wheel.  Hubby refused to go because “it cost too much” ($6) but really it’s because he’s scared of heights and has great distrust in carnival rides.

14th July – So small yet so much attitude

15th July – Like father and son, soy sauce with a side of sushi roll

17th July – These two are like chalk and cheese – I hope they grow up to always have each others back no matter what.

18th July – Isaac never took to a dummy as a newborn however he did get extremely attached to his toy monkey and sucks the life out of it’s hands which it is so gross.  We own 9 monkeys so that we are never short when needing to wash them daily!  Which Isaac turning 4 this October I figure it’s time to break the habit so I decided to cut the arms off Monkey.
*Spoiler alert, it didn’t work.  He has just moved on sucking other areas of monkey.  #prayformonkey

22nd July – Ah, excuse me but you have a little something on your nose…

28th July – 6 month shopping ban holding firm but boy did these $19 Chloe inspired Kmart booties make for some sweet temptation.  Thanks to everyone for the encouragement via my InstaStories, you sure are holding me accountable!

28th July – When you are in you mid 30s, and your girl invite you for a Saturday night out which really means come over in your ugg boots for some cheese.  #girlsgonewild

29th July – Trying to take a family photo attempt #59

29th July – I really admire people that can just “whip something up” from leftover in their fridge.  Grocery shopping and meal planning are a precision activity in this household.  It helps us reduce wasted food, time and stress.  I live by these Kikki K dinner planners, available here.

29th July – Look what little miss smarty pants did!  For those who are interested, this toy is called Birds in a Nest by Learning Resources.  Great for sorting, counting, colours and fine motor skills.

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