June 2018 through my iPhone

Welcome to my June 2018. A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

2nd June – So happy to have my family together again

3rd June – Nothing brings out the smiles like sausages

4th June – Rugged up and back at work, finally!

6th June – And in the blink of an eye we are back here again.  Isaac was experiencing significant pain following surgery so back to ED and readmitted again.

7th June – The wonderful Canberra Hospital Foundation donated this handmade teddy and blanket to brighten up our stay.  Some people have the most beautiful hearts.

7th June – Sippin’ on babycinos… that pinky though!

8th June – When you’ve been away for a few days and your online shopping packages have been building up.

8th June – The lunch lady is our favourite person in hospital

9th June – Good friends smuggle wine into the hospital for you!  My choices were polystyrene cup or straight from the bottle.  Both would have achieved the end result!

11th June – Monster limes putting our lemons to shame!  G&T time.

12th June – Hospital day 15 and we finally got new wheels

13th June – Casual OOTD

14th June – Enjoying the winter sun and life outside of hospital

15th June – Ava’s first gumboot experience

16th June – My little jellyfish head

16th June – Accidentally stylish puddle jumping outfit

20th June – I cannot believe we are in hospital again… 3rd time in a month.  Went in for a post surgical check up and ended up having to be admitted as Isaac was deemed too unwell for them to let us leave.

20th June – Facetiming my little one…  one of the hardest things about having a sick child in hospital is having your family kept apart 🙁

20th June – Today I lost it.  I had been holding it together reasonable well until now but onto the 3rd hospital stay in the space of a month and clutching a screaming child who is in excruciating pain is heartbreaking… possibly our darkest hour.

23rd June – Loving this beautiful foggy morning, out of hospital!!

23rd June – Winter mornings at the park means long johns!

24th June – L’Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara is my new favourite!  Before and after with only one coat.  Reviews say it’s similar to Benefit’s mascara but only a fraction of the price.

25th June – I wish he loved me the way he loves baked beans!  Still so thankful he is home and getting a bit of an appetite back.

25th June – Guess who’s in a big boy bed now??  It makes him look so tiny.

26th June – It’s a stand-off at the bakery over a finger bun…

29th June – $25 checked blazer from Kmart!  Great cut and thick fabric, lined and structured through the shoulders.  #bargain!!

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