Red wrap blouse and Mum Jeans

Since having my hair cut into Bardot Bangs recently, my outfit choices have tended to exude a retro, 60s vibe, perhaps inadvertently to stay in line with my hair style. Today was no exception with a wrap blouse tucked into my high waisted Mum jeans, rocking my Chuck Taylors and some glitzy gold accessories, I felt like all I was missing was my Charlie’s Angels theme music.

I’m loving pops of red this season.  While I usually avoid colours and print where I can (for versatility) red is such a classic colour that I don’t object at all to the bright intrusion to my monochrome closet.  My personal preference is to restrict red to one item per outfit to keep it as an accent rather then letting it dominate.

Also, today’s the first time I’ve featured my new Gucci belt in a proper outfit photoshoot and I am so in love.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a t-shirt and jeans girl.  The belt has been a luxe addition that is so versatile it has just quietly snuck into my weekend outfit rotation and elevated all my boring outfit combos from “casual” to “weekend chic”.  I could be wearing a Kmart tee and pre-loved jeans but throw in the belt and everything becomes perfectly pulled together and deliberately styled rather than pulled out of the bottom of the laundry basket!

Outfit Details:
Wrap blouse by Ally Fashion
Mum Jeans by Bardot, similar here
Gucci Double G belt (4cm wide), available here
Double pendant chain necklace by Bardot, available here
Chuck Taylors by Converse, available here

Photography by Cat Leedon

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