January 2018 through my iPhone

Welcome to my January 2018.  A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

1st Jan – New year new hair

2nd Jan – Favourite $15 dress from Kmart

3rd Jan – Casual summer office outfit for the first week back
Top from Portmans
Culottes from Kmart

4th Jan – Working mum life

4th Jan – When you accidentally rock up to the gym twinning with bestie

6th Jan – These moments are getting so rare… 🙁

7th Jan – Icy pole connoisseur

8th Jan – Casual OOTD for a day of appointments and blog creation
Jeans by Bardot, available here

8th Jan – Full face of makeup for a photoshoot with Cat Leedon Photography, our first in over a year as BOTH of us have had a baby

9th Jan – Breakfast date with Hubby @ Highroad Dickson, it was delicious!

9th Jan – A non-working catch up with Cat again, this time to check out the Dombrovskis photography exhibit at the National Library.  He is one of my favourite Tasmanian landscape photographers.  Little Miss Leedon learning to appreciate photography from her mum.

12th Jan – I’ve been cutting down on my sugar intake 🙁  I have a pretty big addiction to ice cream which as part of my New Year Resolutions have had to be stamped out.  I’ve been seeing some pretty big results in terms of reduction in bloating… but I still miss my daily ice cream fix…

12th Jan – I have every Friday off work.  My “day off” generally consists of Isaac’s therapy appointments, errands, juggling a baby, children’s taxi service, and chores.  Then hubby gets home and asks “what did you do all day” like I’ve been sunbaking while Ava brings me margarita’s!

12th Jan – Went to Kmart for kids undies, walked away with this $10 print.  Happens every time!  Available here.

12th Jan – While hubby is busily devouring his 16″ pizza, I had a salad…

13th Jan – Because he said he wanted to wear the same “hat” as mummy

13th Jan – We all have that friend that is super random… Mine is called Steev… he lives in Cleveland, OHIO but texts me THIS morning to ask if I wanted to have dinner TONIGHT!  Lucky he is one of my favourite people!


14th Jan – Bipolar Canberra summer got me digging out my winter knits

14th Jan – I’m ok with mess, as long as they are quiet about it!

17th Jan – Running in between meetings with my trusty Kikki K planner, I would be lost without it.  Available here.

17th Jan – Sled day makes me feel like a husky!

18th Jan – We made this banner for Ava’s first birthday party… I think our photoshop skills may need some work, lol!

19th Jan – Rocking out in my Rockstuds, available here

19th Jan – Post-partum hair regrowth… the struggle is real.

21st Jan – Me according to Google Arts & Culture app

26th Jan – These cool cats enjoying the Australia Day concert

27th Jan – New in from Cotton On and the first time I’ve worn a crop top since my 20’s!  Top available here, skirt here.

27th Jan – I found a pair of Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong sandals at Vinnies, almost brand new for $12!  Had I found a gold nugget buried in my garden I don’t think I would have been more excited.

28th Jan – Portrait mode on iPhone X takes the best pictures <3

28th Jan – Some go to the park to run around and burn off steam, we go to lay in the shade and eat snacks 🙂

28th Jan – Sunday arvo popsicle eating

29th Jan – Monday outfit got me feeling fresh

29th Jan – Nothing better after a long day in the office than a squishy nudie hug

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