New Years Resolutions 2018

I’m not one for inspirational quotes or touchy feely NYE messages, I’m a practical person and I set myself practical goals – realistic and measurable… it’s my inner business analyst talking. So here are the things I’ll be focussing on in 2018 and I l promise there is no mention of “New Year, New Me”!

1. Lose 5cm from belly!
While my weight returned to “pre-baby” within a few weeks of giving birth to Ava, that is absolutely no indication that I got my body back! While my weight is back down and I may have even dropped half a dress size, things are just not where they used to be… There is more of me around the middle and less of me around the bum and chest… less hourglass and more potato! Getting fit again has been deliberately low on my priority list and I’ve just been taking the time to enjoy my new baby and adjust to being a mum of two. Now that I’m back at work and have some semblance of a routine again it’s time to enact Operation Stop-Eating-Icecream-Daily-and-Hit-the-Gym

2. Read 5 books
I enjoy reading, a lot! Unfortunately, I see it as such an indulgent leisure activity I have just stopped reading all together, instead opting to fold laundry while I watch some sort of brain rotting show (I’m looking at you Bachelorette!). This year I aim to read 5 books, it’s not big ask but setting aside some quite time just to read a book will be a big struggle for me!

3. Shop less, buy better quality
My wardrobe space is limited, my opportunities to wear nice clothes are limited, therefore my shopping needs to be more LIMITED! The days where buying sky-high, cherry red stilettos are gone.  While my love for heels will never fade I need to be more realistic about how they would fit into my lifestyle (hint: they don’t).  Things like black pants, classic pumps, everyday tees, well fitting denims and monochrome colour palettes deserve a higher investment while fun trends, uncomfortable fit and bright prints deserve more scrutiny.
This is a practise not necessarily to save money (though hopefully that’s a side affect) but to be a more conscious fashion consumer.

4. “ME TIME” once a fortnight
Towards the end of last year I found myself irritable, stressed and a bit stir crazy. Life sometimes gets a bit hectic and when I do have spare time I opt to sit at home like a zombie rather than commit to having to put on pants and actually leave the house. A simple observation is this – I am a better wife, mother and person when have time to myself to do things completely unrelated to home life. So once a fortnight, someone please call me up and drag me out!

5. Go on a holiday
Those with small children know how hard it is to go for an outing let alone a holiday. My son is so restless that he is completely unable to sit still in a café scenario (iPad does not work!) and my daughter screams blue murder as soon as she’s in the car, to the point that we resort to wearing headphones when driving to lessen the anxiety… However, I do believe that even though it’s hard and often unenjoyable for the adults, it’s important to give your kids new experiences to enrich their lives… So this year I’m aiming for a mini break to the beach and if all goes well then backpacking around South America (not really, I would rather pull out my fingernails with pliers!)

6. Blog less, Instagram more
I’m not sure if blogging is still relevant in this age of micro-attention spans… While I’ll keep posting my monthly iPhone photos as it’s a form of visual diary for me, I’ll dial back on the full outfit posts and put more up on my Instagram. It’s less time consuming, allows me to share more real time via Stories and more engaging for my followers – Win Win!  (It’s so trivial, this resolution cracks me up!)

7. Keep a journal
My kids are so little and they are changing so much day to day. I need somewhere to jot down the small memories that will be gone and forgotten in an instant but at the same time are so precious. I’ll also keep it creative with sketches and drawings as the older I get the more out of touch I feel with my creative side that used to be such a dominant aspect of my life.

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