December 2017 through my iPhone

Welcome to my December 2017.  A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

1st DecMya off the shoulder top from Bardot, only $22.50 on sale here
and Mum Jeans only $37.50 on sale here

2nd Dec – Rainy days = blanket forts

2nd Dec – Thank you my little helper for hanging 2 baubles before losing interest!

3rd Dec – Love watching them sleep #creepingmum

4th Dec – Our mint bush is really showing off… mojitos anyone?

4th Dec – This guy’s table manners… gets it from his dad.

5th Dec – School photos are in!

7th Dec – Poor sick bub had a fever of 40 and required rocking and cuddles from midnight to 7am… I think I need a coffee via IV drip

10th Dec – Still not herself…

11th Dec – First tomato of the season!

15th Dec – Yep, she’s definitely my daughter. Shoe game is strong in this one… Animal Pre-walker on sale now from Country Road, available here

17th Dec – Better late than never! She’s finally on the move and I couldn’t be prouder!

17th Dec – Early Christmas present, I got an iPhone X and the photos might just be better than my SLR!

19th Dec – This kid has gone through so much in his little life; He has endless appointments with therapists to help him achieve developmental milestones, everything is much more difficult for him than most children but he tries SO HARD! Here he is working with his occupational therapist on picking up and balancing marbles… One day I will share his full story but not quite ready just yet…

20th Dec – Bit of peach perfection today, a pre-loved eBay find by Sheike

21st Dec – The cutest little street library near my parents place
*Take a book * Share a book * Leave a book
I love this idea, more info here

21st Dec – I skipped lunch because I was SO excited about the new burger joint Oscy’s that opened in my neighbourhood… I almost cried when I saw my burger.  Just for “fun” I decided to weigh the patty which came in at a whopping 46grams…
*  FYI, I reached out to Oscy’s who were extremely embarrassed by this burger and took steps to refund my money and have invited me back for a 2nd chance with a guarantee that all patties are now AT LEAST 200g in size.

22nd Dec – You know you need to be worried when your kid is suspiciously silent and out of sight… Example A:  Goodbye MAC eye glitter, good bye Estee Lauder compact.

23rd Dec – Summer holiday vibes and happy feet

24th Dec – “Helping” me make the Christmas trifle

24th Dec – Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

25th Dec – Christmas is over and done with in our house, let the toilet training boot camp commence!

25th Dec – This kid and his cheeky smile!

29th Dec – These two <3

29th Dec – New recreational park at Moncrieff is MASSIVE, so lucky to have so many great parks in our area

30th Dec – New slides from FSW, available here

30th Dec – New Year’s Eve dress sorted!

31st Dec – Happy New Year!

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