November 2017 through my iPhone

Welcome to my November 2017.  A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

3rd Nov – Outfit of the day featuring my new Gucci belt, thanks hubby!

3rd Nov – The Halo Halo dessert at Lolo & Lola

7th Nov – Back to work! It felt like my first day at school!

7th Nov – Reunited with my gym and my gym buddy!

8th Nov – Work day 2… and already in struggle town

10th Nov – At the Hypereal exhibition at the National Gallery! Highly recommend it though it’s creepy!

10th Nov – Got to meet this beautiful ball of squish for the first time! This not so little 3 month old weighs the same as my 8 month old!

10th Nov – Hanging with the girl gang!

11th Nov – When your friend is talented AF! An amazing artwork of beloved Canberran John Hanna. Congrats Chris Toth on producing such a beautiful piece.

12th Nov – Hello little fishy

12th Nov – Sunday Funday!

12th Nov – Casual Sundays

18th Nov – Daddy’s gone out to for fancy drinks… Mummy stuck at home with these crazy cats!

19th Nov – But first coffee

19th Nov – And the mean mum award goes to me!

19th Nov – When the serving size is bigger than your head!

22nd Nov – Public service announcement. Kikki K Canberra Centre now do personalised monogramming on new and existing leather goods. I got my existing planner done for only $9.95

22nd Nov – Getting that gym sesh in

25th Nov – Got in early with our Christmas photo and it was almost a success

25th Nov – This kid and his acai berry smoothie! Haha

25th Nov – These crazy shenanigans in the bath just warm my heart.

26th Nov – Party ready!

29th Nov – Cannot recommend Civic Shoe Repairs enough for saving these Loubs

30th Nov – Summer mornings in Canberra are so perfect!

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