October 2017 through my iPhone

Welcome to my October 2017.  A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

1st Oct – Brand new Funland Kids Playcentre is now open Mitchell, this place is BY FAR the best in Canberra and is even fun for adults

2nd Oct – Things you do as a parent… pull over at random paddocks to look at cows

4th Oct – Microblade tattoo touch up at Beautify

5th Oct – Cheeky face

6th Oct – Came home to a little surprise on my doorstep!  Planted is Canberra’s first indoor plant delivery service, much the same as having a bunch of flowers delivered but with longevity.

6th Oct – My birthday celebration with my favourites @ Zaab Street Food

7th Oct – Backing up with birthday celebrations for the little guy, hello Threenager!

7th Oct – Birthday picnic with the fam

7th Oct – That blogger pose

7th Oct – Thug life

8th Oct – The most uncooperative Insta-kid

10th Oct – Happy Birthday to me!

12th Oct – Just a gal and her dog

14th Oct – My everything

16th Oct – And the birthday celebrations just keep going!  Cake courtesy of Made By Jade

20th Oct – Daycare trial, so far so good!

23rd Oct – Casual vibes

27th Oct – Run Saki!  Run for your life!!

28th Oct – The last time a haircut was attempted we had to leave with half a haircut…  This time we had success!

28th Oct – First time at the pool… been working on that bikini bod

29th Oct – Lou vs Bee…

31st Oct – I think we were equally as excited about this delivery

31st Oct – The return of the “mum cut”, thanks Kriss Kross for liberating me

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