September 2017 through my iPhone

Welcome to my September 2017.  A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

1st Sept– New microblade brows by Beautify (I’m obsessed), pom pom earrings by Shein available here

2nd Sept – Early morning rides

3rd Sept – Toilet training…  We’ve got a LONG way to go yet.

6th Sept – My dad’s pride and joy

8th Sept – Yeezy for President, because how much worse could it be?  Full post here

8th Sept – Haul from the Lifeline Bookfair, $42 well spent

11th Sept – All the essential ingredients for Man Food, cooking southern style pork ribs

15th Sept – Yay, she’s sitting like a boss

16th Sept – Yep, pretty much how mine are looking these days!

17th Sept – Happy 7 months cutie

23rd Sept – 2yo has gourmet homemade acai bowl while I eat cold toast

23rd Sept – Floriade with these crazies (Portrait mode on iPhone 7 looks like DSLR quality!)

23rd Sept – Sun’s out, bums out

25th Sept – Happy 1st birthday Alara!

26th Sept – Sick with gastro but still soldiering for my girlfriends birthday because FOMO
Jumpsuit by Zara (old)
Jacket by Ally Fashion, available here
Bag by Louis Vuitton, available here

27th Sept – First time on a swing and loving it!

29th Sept – I missed Fashfest night two due to catching gastro off my darling son… a slaying outfit wasted 🙁
Tee by Adidas, available here
Shirt by Ally Fashion, available here
Pants by Zara (old)

30th Sept – Finally on the mend and made it for Fashfest closing night!  Reinventing ways to wear existing items from my wardrobe.
Dress is by H&M (actually an old trench coat)
Belt by Moschino, available here
Boots by Siren (old)
Earrings by Shein, available here

31st Sept – These two nerds

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