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Asian women have a lot going for them but thick, defined eyebrows just aint one of them.  It’s like when “God” created us he said “yep, I’m gonna give you the gift of youthful skin but you can’t have everything so in return I’m gonna give you some f-ed up, sparse AF eyebrows.”  Some of my Asian friends do not even have half a brow, just a few tufts of fluff.  Eyebrows are one of the most important features of the face, framing the face, accentuating the eyes and adding expression. Many of us that are not naturally blessed with Cara Delevingne style brows spend A LOT of time and money everyday drawing them on with pencils, gel, brushes and tints…  When I am strapped for time (aka everyday) my brows are the first thing that get abandoned in my makeup routine which is what lead me down the path to microblading with Beautify Hair and Beauty Salon.

Getting a tattoo on your face is a big deal and we’ve all seen older ladies with the awful eyebrow tattoos in a big block, thin line or shades of orange/green/blue!  The benefits of microblading is each hair is drawn on individually via a small blade for a much more natural look.  The tattoo is semi permanent and will fade over time and will require annual touch ups, meaning you aren’t locked in for life.

STEP 1:  Design and stencil
Salon owner Nathalie is a perfectionist and will not tattoo a client unless both parties are happy.  We sat and designed my new brows for over an hour, drawing and redrawing, measuring and photographing the stencil until we were both satisfied.  Nathalie guided me through many decisions from square vs round, curved vs arched, black vs brown, thick vs thin… I have never thought so much about my eyebrows in my life!  Eventually we settled on following the shape of my existing brows which are naturally quite thick. I like a square set shape with more of a gradual curve rather than a sharper arch.  This took quite some time as one of my brows was almost a whole cm higher than the other which I had never noticed but became very apparent when they were emphasized with a pencil.  Nathalie was able to bring it down for a symmetrical look.  The stencil itself is a rather comical looking outline that dictates the outer edge of the tattoo.

Step 2:  Numbing cream
After seeing the microblading tool I graciously welcomed this step and encouraged Nathalie to apply it liberally!  15mins later the tattooing began and I felt nothing more than a tiny pin prick every now and then.  This stuff rocked…unfortunately the effects don’t last for very long so the second half of the tattoo HURTS!

Step 3:  Tattoo
Going into this I actually didn’t know how microblading tattoos were done, I just assumed it was with a tattoo gun.  To my surprise it’s all done free hand with a tiny blade (hence microblading, duh!) dipped in ink that draws on each hair stroke individually, this is why it’s so important to find an experienced and talented artist.

Due to the numbing cream the first pass of the tattoo is fairly tolerable with hardly any pain at all.  The most disturbing part is the rather loud scraping sound of the blade cutting into your skin.  When it is time to do the second pass of the tattoo there was little to no numbing effect left and I won’t lie, it hurt like a b*#ch.  If you have had a regular tattoo before the pain and feel is the same however due to the precision of microblading it is a lot slower.  While the tattooed area is quite small the tattoo took over an hour to complete.

Step 4:  Healing
Upon completion of the tattoo your brows will appear very dark but not to worry, as with all tattoos they will scab and then peel off after a week or so leaving behind a shade that is around 50% lighter than the initial application.  For the first 5 days you need to keep the area dry which is extremely awkward when washing your face and lets just say my hair was pretty disgusting by day 5!  HOT TIP:  Make sure you wash your hair the morning of your appointment!!  My scabs started itching at day 3 and peeling around day 4.  It’s important to avoid scratching and peeling as that increases the chance of patchiness in the ink.

Step 5:  Touch Up
A touch up appointment will be made to address any patchiness and further touch ups will be required to maintain the brows around once a year.

October special

For the month of October (2017) Beautify are offering Happy Schnapper followers a massive 50% discount on eyebrow microblading as well as top liner tattoos.  Mention this post when you make a booking for October and allow your images to be used on Beautify’s social media pages and prices will be dropped as follows:

Eyebrow microblading – $950 down to $475
Top Liner tattoo – $400 down to $200
Eyebrow and top liner combo – $1350 down to $599!!

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*Note:  Images of my tattooed brows are from day 1 post application.  Fully healed images will be added when available.

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