Birthday Lust List 2017

As is my tradition, here is my wish list for my birthday next month.  It may seem a bit presumptuous providing a wishlist for friends and family but hey, better than receiving unwanted gifts that just end up at Vinnies I say!  Not only that, it takes the stress off those buying the gift and it’s still a surprise as I never know what I’m going to get!  Long Live the Lust List!!

Gucci Leather Belt with Double G buckle in black in size 80 – $605 available here
This belt is so loved by fashionista’s worldwide that it is completely sold out globally and only available on back order which means I probably won’t get it until 2018 which is fine by me!

Skarlett over the knee boot in black suede (size 7) – $39.99 available at FSW or online here
I tried these on at FSW a few days ago and living in mega regret-land for not purchasing this bargain.  It’s rare that I actually find boots that fit my twiggy ankles.

Kikki K 2018 Time Planner refill in large (CUTE) – $14.95 available here
Another year another dairy refill and this one is so cute!  While my agenda is plain black leather (very corporate) I like to pimp out the inside with lots of super cute and non-adult looking stationary.

FIX ME Make-up fixer by Missha available at Seoulflower (Canberra Centre)
Missha is an amazing Korean beauty brand and am beyond happy that Seoulflower is now open in the Canberra Centre so that I can indulge in my K-Beauty addiction.

Real fresh foaming cleanser by Neogen in Blueberry available at Seoulflower (Canberra Centre)
This cleanser is great for sensitive skin and the self foaming feature leaves my skin squeaky clean without feeling dry

Peachy Wall Art Print by Yorklee Prints (size 61×91) – $55 available here
Loving this print and the caramel tones match perfectly if you have scandi pine furnishings

Oasis Surf Suit by Duski in black, (size S/10) – $161 available here
Having had a 2nd baby, one that doesn’t sleep much during the day no less, I’ve found no time to get back into fitness aside from a short run to and from the shops every now and then.  So now with summer approaching I’m in need of a swimsuit with a little more support and coverage for my neglected “mum rig”.  The Duskii suits are made out of thin neoprene which are not only sun safe but also provide coverage and support for those wobbly bits while also preventing grabby kiddie hands from exposing you to the world.  Oh, an added bonus is that it is also breastfeeding friendly *WIN*

Complete comfort high waisted tights by Lorna Jane (size XS) – $110.99 available here
Further to my need for added support, my new favourite cut is high waisted everything!  Yep, if you can’t get rid of it just hide it in your waist band 🙂

Sacred Hawk Caged Corset Belt (size s/m) – $40 available here
I’m intrigued by the “corset outside of your clothing” trend that we are currently seeing and would love to experiment with some outfits of my own.

“Venice” Glasshouse Candle – $42.95 available at David Jones or online here 
A household of 2 cats, a gassy dog, 2 kids still in nappies and 2 adults that always use too much garlic when cooking means we have to work hard at keeping the house smelling fresh and there is no other hard-working candle than a triple scented Glasshouse candle.  If it just so happens to smell like one of my favourite cocktails then that’s just an added win.

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