July 2017 through my iPhone

Welcome to my July 2017.  A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX1st July – Canberra winters and frozen dog bowls go hand in hand… -7 degrees this particular morning

1st July – Freezing family outing at The Forage

2nd July – Isaac had been talking to me about horses all week so we drove out to a local farm to find a horse and feed it a carrot.  Turns out Isaac is scared of horses and does not like sharing carrots.

13th July – I don't even know how he gets under there!

13th July – Found my polaroid camera!

14th July – When your new hand cream is this thick!  25% shea butter to help my poor winter hands, available here

14th July – New loot from 3ina, located in the new Monaro Mall precinct of the Canberra Centre

15th July – These two string beans, like father like son.

16th July – I don't know what is more amazing, the fact that they are sitting next to each other nicely or that I've walked out of Costco with a mostly empty trolley!

18th July – Kids pink Timberland look-alikes from Kmart, available here.  So cute!

20th July – A secret past time for every parent is creeping on your sleeping child.  I don't know why I can't stop staring when she is asleep

20th July – The dreaded post-baby regrowth is here

20th July – Bath time cuddles

21st July – Do you know breast milk produced at night contains more fat than that produced in the morning? #boobnerd

22nd July – My lunch date

24th July – Good morning beautiful

24th July – The look on her face every time she sees food… takes after her Mumma

26th July – The cutest little Levi's you ever did see, available at TK Maxx Canberra Outlet Centre

26th July – Baby vs Daddy's size 13's

26th July – Guess who has teeth?

27th July – Aint no feeling like that new shoe feeling.  Nike Presto for $100 c/o the Nike Clearance Store, Canberra Outlet Centre.

29th July – My squad <3

29th July – Will lick the spoon, won't eat the cake… go figure!

30th July – Wish I could sleep as soundly as this…

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