June 2017 through my iPhone

Welcome to my June 2017.  A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

3rd June – Meeting cousin James

4th June – A perfect Canberra Winters morning

4th June– Even pond scum can be pretty

4th June – Afternoon’s at the park

4th June – My roly poly piglet

5th June – When your online shopping package is bigger than your baby!

6th June – Special deliveries for some special Aunties!

6th June – Since I started breastfeeding I have had the most uncontrollable sweet tooth, ice cream is my weakness.  Especially when it’s on sale!!

8th June – Our mini movie watching club about to enjoy some course language, adult themes and nudity – Bring on Baywatch

9th June – Beauty in the ordinary

9th June – She is obsessed with her brother, too bad he wants nothing to do with her!

10th June – Who says you can’t have a house and have avo on toast?

13th June – Today in microfashion, Ava wears knitted dress and tight combo by Next Direct, available here

13th June – Good things come to those who wait… for years and years but the Pochette Metis has finally joined the family 🙂

15th June – Today in micro fashion, Ava wears velour leopard print jumpsuit by Next Direct, available here

16th June – This is what is known as a Number 3, Poonami, Projectile Poop… It splattered against me, ran down my leg and into my ugg boots.  FANTASTIC.  Her utter look of indifference is the final slap in the face.

16th June – Finally, my return to fashion blogging!  Latest outfit post here

17th June – Auntie Haley imparting the art of the selfie @thehaleydiaries

17th June – Bath time cuddles <3

18th June – Happy 4 months my little panda

20th June – Mini Me

21st June – Winning at domestic life!  Recipe here

23rd June – Winter mornings in Canberra… brrrr

24th June – First solo outing since Ava was born!  Woohoo!  Outfit post coming soon…

24th June – My dates for dinner at Bacaro

 25th June – My handsome boy, when did he get so grown up?

25th June – Man spread… this guy is going to be a menace on public transport!

25th June – Sesame baked chicken on brocollini rice – so delicious and easy!  Recipe here

26th June – My 1 meter tall 2 year old!  He’s humongous!  Fingers crossed he will sign a multimillion $$$ basketball contract.  Too bad he can’t jump!!

27th June – Long nap = happy burrito

30th June – Just can’t handle the cuteness.

30th June – On a roll now, solo outing number 2.  Casual dinner at Yat Bun Tong Braddon

30th June – The crew!

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