February 2017 through my iPhone

Welcome to my February 2017.  A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

5th Feb – 10 year anniversary dinner at Monster Kitchen

8th Feb – Home delivered desserts courtesy of The Sugar Deli

9th Feb – Kiddo eats better than I do… Most of it will still end up on the floor…

10th Feb – Officially my due date and officially over being pregnant!  #40weeks

10th Feb – Getting saucy in my new Sriracha pyjamas from Cotton On, available here

11th Feb – These two <3

14th Feb – Happy Valentines Day, Candice bralette from Cotton On, available here

14th Feb – Roses aren’t my favourite flower but they sure do look impressive in bulk

16th Feb – Pre-labour has started!  1 minute contractions around 10 mins apart.  Pain level 2/10

17th Feb – New OPI polishes to add to my collection, L-R Humidi-Tea, Let Me Bayou A Drink, Towel Me About It, Suzi Shops & Island Hops, What’s the Double Scoop

17th Feb – When you’re in labour but also have a toddler to entertain…

17th Feb – About 30 hours of pre-labour, 2 hours of active labour and 5 mins of pushing.  Little Ava arrived at 9pm, about 2 hours after the previous photo and almost in the hospital hallway!

18th Feb – Her tiny little foot is super wrinkly, apparently due to being slightly overcooked

19th Feb – Can’t stop staring at her…

21st Feb – Ladies who lunch, Ava’s first outing was to Zeus Street Greek – YUM!

24th Feb – Brunch at Teddy Pickers and this purple smoothie is THE BOMB!

25th Feb – Family outing to The Canberra Show and this guy loves pigs as much as I do!  #petpiggoals

26th Feb – Eating dinner like a boss

27th Feb – The new chariot… the logistics of transporting twice as many kids is somehow 6 times more difficult…

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