January 2017 through my iPhone

Welcome to my January 2017.  A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

3rd Jan – Ice cream dates with the girls and Frugii

4th Jan – Forever location scouting, love this little street in Griffith.

5th Jan – This guy sleeps in every day!  Dogs life!

5th Jan – Microfashion!

6th Jan – A morning down by the river with these two twins

7th Jan – This mutant spider in my garden may be related to Bowzer!

9th Jan – New Year and eating healthy… for a few days at least

10th Jan – Took mum to get her freckles lasered at Clearskincare Clinic, smelt like burning hair but it worked really well, a week later all her freckles are just wiping away!

13th Jan – 36 weeks… my prediction for baby’s arrival this week.

16th Jan – Well my clean eating didn’t last long!  Pancakes and icecream for breakfast, because I’m pregnant and hormonal.  Baby did not arrive when expected and getting over being so heavy… so making myself heavier!

19th Jan – #OOTD, culottes by ASOS, top by Country Road, shoes by Adidas

20th Jan – One last pamper sesh before baby arrives @ Kriss Kross

22nd Jan – Second baby almost here and hubby breaks his little toe in two places, talk about bad timing!

23rd Jan – When grandma attempts to give you a haircut but fails miserably…

24th Jan – LaLaLand movie night!  8/10

27th Jan – Come on little girl, we’re ready for you!

28th Jan – Happy Chinese New Year!  I love coming from two cultures where we can celebrate our diversity in so many different ways!

31st Jan – Frozen mango pops for my little slave driver

Also, I’m thinking about documenting my labour (whenever the hell that will be!) via Snapchat!  If you’re interested you can follow me at @happy_schnapper or use the Snap Code below:

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