Tight Ass Tuesday – My Maternity “go-to” outfit

Maternity go-to outfit

Being the shape of watermelon it’s hard to look human… let alone presentable.
Finding a combination of clothing that flatters you during pregnancy relieves so much frustration and angst… once you have it, stick with what works!  My go-to combo is a body con dress in a dark colour overlayed with a loose coverup.

Body con dresses make the body and curves look neater and more compact with the darker colour hiding any unflattering lumps or bumps.  Let’s face it, a cute round belly is not the only thing that increases in size during pregnancy.  A light shirt, cape or jacket serves as a cover up for all the other areas that may have also expanded!

Outfit Details:
Midi Cami Bodycon Dress by ASOS – $24.oo available here
Chiffon Kimono by Ally – $24.99 (old), similar here
Madrid sandals by Birkenstock c/o Catch of the Day – On sale for $59.99, similar here
Outfit Total = $108.99


Now I promised myself that I would never wear Birkenstocks.  The strain and pain of pregnancy is one very strong supporter of Birkies that’s for sure.  Shoe lace free and the moulded base makes for a slightly fancier (questionable!) alternative to Havianna’s.  The masculine nature of Birkenstocks balances nicely with the more feminine of outfits.

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