December 2016 through my iPhone

Welcome to my December 2016.  A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

1st Dec– My last gym sesh for the next approx. 6-9 months!  It’s bittersweet but my body is telling me to stop 🙁  Happy to have made it to 30 weeks.

1st Dec – Everybody needs a baby for a pillow

3rd Dec – 30 weeks pregnant, pushing a pram and 2 year old uphill in 30 degree heat while hubby strolling leisurely behind enjoying an ice cold beer  #somebodygonnagethurtrealbad

4th Dec – Santa photo semi success!  He may not be looking at the camera but at least he’s not crying

8th Dec – Love using oils as part of my skin care regime.  This is a new favourite for dry summer skin, great for all over body use as well as a massage oil

10th Dec – Sheer joy

11th Dec – Glamming that bump up, full outfit details here

12th Dec – A lady at work knitted the incoming bub some booties, so sweet!

12th Dec – The Commons with this one enjoying coconut ice cream

15th Dec – This little smudge is Little Miss Schnapper who appears to have inherited my Asian nose!

15th Dec – When hubby is the last one to use the Christmas wrapping… how is this even possible???

17th Dec – Family shoe game… #roshelife

18th Dec – Sunday night dehydrating…  One way to manage an oversupply of apples

20th Dec – Someone got hold of a pen today…

21st Dec – If I wanted to drop half a mill on a diamond ring, Costco may not be my first choice…

23rd Dec – Bestie Steev visiting from Ohio calls for chorizo burgers!

24th Dec – Christmas Eve dinner hosted by the Ranson’s.  Merry Christmas!!

24th Dec – Preggo problems…

25th Dec – Christmas morning at the park and matching outfits because I’m the family stylist

25th Dec – Pavlova pride

26th Dec – Again with the outfits!

26th Dec – Left over Christmas food for dinner… AKA the Fat Bastard Platter

27th Dec – Todder life got me feeling the exact same way little dude

28th Dec – Christmas means everyone s temporarily in Canberra visiting family.  Reunion with my college besties.

29th Dec – These quiet cuddles are so few and far between.  Yes I am wearing undies and shorts!

30th Dec – About to flaunt my lovely lady lumps at the pool!

30th Dec – Love to watch him sleep

31st Dec – Everyone posting glamourous NYE selfies and I’m just lying in bed wondering what colour undies I’m wearing!  #newyearsameme

Happy 2017 everyone and thanks for following me through 2016.  I know the posts have been few and far between but your continued support means the world to me!

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