November 2016 through my iPhone

Welcome to my November 2016.  A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

1st Nov– The love this guy has for the poor cat!  It is definitely a one sided affection.1


4th Nov– A beautiful day to be shopping the Vinnies Warehouse Sale4

 4th Nov– Guess who has learnt to stand up in assisted?  Not very graceful but never the less very proud of himself4-2


 5th Nov– When your cat wants some lovin’ but you’re allergic…5

 6th Nov– Sundays in the park6

10th Nov– Been working on my bulking10

10th Nov– This guy’s chicken legs!!10-2

11th Nov– A public service announcement, Civic Shoe Repair do an amazing job re-soling Louboutins, $39 includes the Topy red rubber sole and it’s all completed by hand, not machine.11


 12th Nov– Mini steam train rides at the Achieve Family Christmas Party and the photos accurately depicts the order of excitement.12

12th Nov– Off to cool down at the pool.

Micro OOTD features:
Shirt by Ted Baker
Hat from Culture Kings, available here
Denim shorts by Target, available here
Shoes are Nike Sunrays, available here12-2

 15th Nov– Getting ready for the big Fashion Garage Sale on the weekend and this is just a portion of the clothes for sale.  How did we get here??  #hoarderlyfe15

 17th Nov– Becoming such a cheeky boy17

19th Nov– Every Canberran kid needs to have done this at least once19

19th Nov– This year’s garlic harvest, twas a good year!
19th Nov– This kid won’t eat my home cooked meals but will happily munch on a lemon without batting an eyelid… skin and all.
19th Nov– Hot Aussie afternoons done right
19th Nov– Growing out the front and the back!
20th Nov– Playdates and Isaac doesn’t seem to enjoy sharing his sandpit with his little friend
21st Nov– The real side of pregnancy is not glamorous.  Sore, sweaty and exhausted…
28th Nov – I’ve done the unthinkable… I don’t even know who I am anymore.  Next step, Crocs!  #pregnancyproblems

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