The perfect white pants

The perfect white pants
With the return of warmer weather comes the return of lighter tones in our wardrobe, my favourite?  White pants!  My biggest problem though, finding the perfect white pants is harder than finding the holy grail.  I think I tried on AT LEAST 20 different pairs before settling on this pair by Zara. 

Too tight and your legs resemble over stuffed sausages, too baggy and the look becomes too casual.  The most common problem was the fabric being too thin and you can see the outline of your pockets (pet hate!) or worse the colour of your underwear!  Also, a lot of white pants are made from linen which is constantly wrinkly and looks too beachy.  I also wanted a cropped pair because when the length is too long the bottom hem gets dirty touching the floor.  Furthermore, I wanted a warm white to better suit my skin tone.  Come on, is that too much to ask for??  Haha.

I may sound super high maintenance but my advice on white pants is be fussy!  When white pants go wrong they go wrong on an epic scale so make sure you pick a pair that compliments your body shape and it made from good quality fabric.  Don’t settle or you will regret it!


Outfit Details:
White cropped pants by Zara
Basic tee by Sportsgirl
Metal tipped pumps by Zara Singapore (old)
Cropped faux leather jacket by Zara (old)








Photos by Cat Leedon Photographer

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