October 2016 through my iPhone

Welcome to my October 2016.  A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

1st Oct – Whoops, it appears I’ve forgotten my pants!  Outfit for Fashfest Night 3.
Outfit Details:
Dress by Runway Scout
Scarf by Zara

1st Oct – The Blogger Ratpack!

 6th Oct – Sorting out my shoes and finding them a new home to make room for the baby.  Little man is helping me sort and cull

And done!!

7th Oct – Loui’s new miniature doppelganger Levi, the Frenchie pup that is a splitting image of my Loui!  Too much squishy cuteness!!7

8th Oct – First family holiday and little man’s first time at the beach.

8th Oct –Parent hack, use tin foil and water as a temporary block-out solution to morning sun to stop your baby from waking at an ungodly hour!

9th Oct – We woke up to these friendly neighbors

10th Oct – Happy Birthday to us!  No better way to spend your birthday than in your birthday suit!

11th Oct – Mini Schnapper had the best time at the beach, despite the sour face he had on for most of the weekend!

11th Oct – Bargain purchase of the year.  Mimco pouch for $99.95, on sale for $69.00, then a further 20% off due to sale drawing to the close so $55.20, less $20 rewards voucher, less $30 birthday reward.  I paid $5.20!!  Available here

15th Oct – We so pretty… Off to Melbourne for a girly long weekend with @molloy1

 15th Oct – First stop, Christian Louboutin and happy belated birthday to me!  We all need to spoil ourselves every now and then 🙂


15th Oct – Reunited with our favourite Melbourne local @thehaleydiaries

15th Oct – Amazing Chiharu Shiota exhibition constructed with red string
16th Oct – Breaky and sugar cane juice at the Queen Victoria Markets
16th Oct – Sunday evening carb loading… We at all of this + bruschetta + a large pizza + a dessert each!  So proud of our impressive appetites!
17th Oct – About to tackle the biggest mall in the southern hemisphere – Chadstone look out!
And she’s a beauty…
21st Oct – Just over half way through this pregnancy and my pelvis is causing me so much pain.  Hence the bondage style taping holding my hips together!
28th Oct – Hubby spent a lot of blood, sweat and money on emptying these planter boxes, demolishing them, rebuilding them and refilling them with dirt ready for new plants… the cats sure love it.
29th Oct – When did my baby become a little boy?
31st Oct – Little girl has just started her shoe collection!
31st Oct – Trick or treaters, we ready!  Good luck to your parents that need to deal with the aftermath once these have been consumed!
31st Oct – I can’t believe it’s not Loui!  Levi pays us a visit.

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