FASHFEST 2016 – Night Three

Night 3 of Fashfest started with show 1; Spectra which was a big nod to sustainable and ethical fashion, featuring collections celebrating “slow fashion”, upcycling, environmentally responsible designs.

The highlights of the first show were Pure Pod with it’s branching silhouette prints, tie dyes, bold yet natural, the designs are made to suit a wide range of women of all shapes and ages.  What really stood out on the catwalk however were the “eco-bling” accessories made primarily of fern and worn as fascinators, necklaces and even wings.  Melody from Mood Blog referred to the models as the sustainable Victoria’s Angels!


Second up, I loved Cadia Belante Not because I could see myself in any of their designs, they are a bit quirky and colourful to fit in with my monochrome wardrobe but I love how the label was born.  Cadia was inspired by the large quantities of sleeping bags found in thrift shops.  Her label aims to repurpose unwanted items and reduce the amount that ends in landfill.  Her innovation in how she transforms these items into clothing was fascinating to see on the runway.  Her models reminded me of school camp misfits, breaking the boundaries and loving it.

img_8241 img_8223

SZN took minimalism to a whole new level with this their third appearance at Fashfest.  The colour palette was made up of white, black, grey.  Lines were crisp and clean with no embellishments, statements or detail of any nature other than the natural movement of the fabric.  The style of the garments were also very gender neutral with both female and male models wearing identical jumpsuits, and similar oversized tees, capes and harem pants.  The cut of some of the capes and jackets had a very distinct Japanese yukata feel.  A perfect collection for lovers of Japanese minimalism.


Show 2 had a whole different vibe, a change from the relaxed casual vibe of show 1, the night took on a buzz of energy and electricity building towards the finale and event wrap up.  The show opened with a bang with Vitamin by Sonalika, a Bollywood inspired collection of sarees.  Heavily embellished, luxurious and sparkly.  Aside from a few bright pops of colour, most of the collection were lighter in tone with whites and pastels.

img_8692 img_8623

Another highlight of the night was Eder by Anna, every single piece of the collection is something I’d wear in a heartbeat.  Featuring plenty of current trends such as off the shoulder, sports luxe, flared and pleated sleeves mixed with a clean, classic aesthetic.  Anna’s designs waiver between feminine and masculine, with soft silks trimmed with bomber cuffs.

img_8938 img_8916

Lastly, Braddon Tailor took to the Fashfest stage for the third time showing off their impeccable tailoring with their made to measure collection.  The colour palette wearable with blacks and blues being the feature colour.  Hitting the stage to Will Smith’s song “Men in Black” and models styled in aviators and slicked hair, the offerings were instantly wearable for both men and women, both professionals and for special occasions.  Hint hint guys, you need to see Pip and his team for your race wear ASAP!

img_9136 img_9111

And finally an surprise debut in micro fashion, kids label Nomi (founded by Fashfest founders Clint and Andrea Hutchinson, is there anything these guys can’t do?) brought plenty of “awwwws” with their mini models toddling in with neutral tones and mature styling such as trench coats, beaded necklaces and skinny jeans.  I love that the look is fairly gender neutral with nothing super girly, or boyish.  Definitely something I’ll have to pick up for my little boy!


For the final night I wore a lace dress over a nude leotard, which I had to channel my inner Beyoncé to get up the confidence to wear.  I teamed with black boots and a black choker to de-feminise it make it a little more edgy and a little less girly.

Outfit Details:
Dress by Runway Scout
Chocker scarf by Zara
Booties by Tony Biaco
Hair and Make up by me

img_7081 hmu-3


Photos by Christopher Toth

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