Birthday 2016 Lust List

Happy Schnapper’s Birthday Wish List

As is my birthday tradition, here is my wish list for my birthday next month.  As I share a birthday with my little Mini Schnapper I’ve included his wish list too.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies patent leather pumps in nude – size 7, USD $675 available here
The best present are the ones you buy yourself right?  Well in a few weeks I’ll be heading down to the Louboutin boutique in Melbourne to hopefully try before I buy.


Long John pyjamas
Why on earth do I want long pyjamas when the weather is just starting to warm up?  To protect my bed sheets from fake tan of course!  Long pyjamas with cuffs prevent them from riding up and help keep your sheets clean and are easily washed after each tanning session.

Maternity Long John by Cotton On – Size XS, $29.95 available here
Tuxedo Legging by Peter Alexander – Size XS, $39.00 available here

A5 Weekly Diary: Sweet by Kikki K, $34.95 available here
Every year I ask for this diary!  I use it daily at work and look forward to seeing their cute new Swedish inspired designs each year.  I’m such a stationary nerd, I love sitting down with a new diary and writing in key dates, birthdays and adding tabs and stickers.  I think it’s my Asian genes!

Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation in Tawny, $52.00 available here
Because a girl can never have enough of her favourite makeup

Book Light by Moleskin, $16.50 available here
For those nights where your body is exhausted but your mind still needs time to wind down.  I like to lie in bed and read a book while hubby snores away happily next to me undisturbed.  My last book died of over-use so am in desperate need of a new one!  This one by Moleskin can be recharged via a computer USB port!

TDE iPhone 6 flip case in Burgundy with rose gold stamping, Serif font (Initials SR) – $69.95 available here
Outrageously expensive for a phone case but how chic is this custom monogrammed iPhone wallet by TDE?
Thermos vacuum insulated mug, $39.99 available here
One thing that most mums can attest to is never drinking a cup of tea while it is still warm.  Well this heavy duty insulated mug by Thermos will probably be my best mate in those early days of baby raising, keeping liquids hot for up to 5 hours.

Mini Schnapper Birthday Wish List

You & Me Hugs and Hold Doll, $19.99 available here
This little boy will be expecting a baby sister early next year and to help with the transition we thought it would be a great idea to give him a semi-realistic baby girl doll to start teaching him how to be kind to her… I have every expectation that this will probably not work and the doll will end up in the toilet but if that prevents him from putting his sister in the toilet then I call that a win.
Nike Flex in BLACK size 8C, $50 available here
Zoggs swimming ring for 2-3yr olds, $13.95 available here
We will be spending our birthday at the beach this year so some fun floatation devices would come in handy
T-shirts and shorts in size 3
And he never stops growing!!  This skinny little guys has not put on any weight for almost a year yet continually gets longer and longer.  He’s certainly taking after his dad.  We are in need of a new summer wardrobe as literally nothing from last year fits anymore.
Little Tikes Pirate Ship Water table, $199 available here
I wish they made these in adult sizes…
Random Toys

Bruin Keyboard, $49.95 available here


Pull back cars, $54.99 available here


Vtech torch, $39.99 available here


Recorder, $16.99 available here


Beach toys $9.99 available here

sand-playOK, last year we had a few duplicate presents so this year I’m putting Hubby in charge of coordinating the gift buying.  Please check with him before you purchase to ensure no one else has bought one of the items listed.

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