August 2016 through my iPhone

Welcome to my August 2016.  A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX

7th Aug – I knew having kids would pay off eventually, this guy is my ticket to do things aimed at small children!  Anyone who knows me knows my unhealthy obsession with tiny pigs.

14th Aug
– Did I mention I was allergic to cats?  Still don’t have the heart to kick him out of bed


16th Aug – Taking some time out to appreciate these pretty jade bracelets I bought at a random temple in China.  So special.


19th Aug – When thin enamel runs in your family… This represents all the fillings I currently have!  I should just get falsies.


20th Aug – Would you like a side of thumb nail with your dinner?
21st Aug – “Moo” has been his word of the month so we decided to take him to meet some real cows… He was thoroughly unimpressed and has since stopped saying “moo”.  #cowphobia
21st Aug – How not to mess with a hangry woman with a craving for deep fry… serve her “hand cut chips” that look like this.  It took all my strength not to hurl this plate across the room.  Casey Jones, you’ve lost my vote.
24th Aug – Japanese people make the best sauces and dressings… To make any type of vegetable instantly delicious get this dressing from the Asian aisle at the supermarket and thank me later.
29th Aug – When you attempt to fill your fountain pen on a Monday morning pre-caffeine… FAIL

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