How to wear a dress over pants

Dress over pants

Margaret Zhang wearing skirt over pants – The pioneer.
Layering is a popular style over the winter months though layering a dress over pants is a bold new move for me.  Today I’m being inspired by the pioneer of this look; Margaret Zhang pulls off the dress on pants look more effortlessly than any other in the game, mixing feminine, edgy and tomboy all into one without breaking her stride. 
Looking back over the photos we took in this series, it’s certainly not as outrageous as it sounds and I’d happily walk down the road in this outfit without eliciting weird looks.  I’ve gone the safest approach when styling this outfit.  I’ve opted for a short dress over pants which is close enough to a long tunic for those who are feeling a bit tentative about trying this type of styling.  I’ve kept the outfit all the one neutral colour and have avoided loud print patterns.  My pants, while slightly flared are still slim fit to keep the silhouette balanced.

Outfit Details:
Dress by Milk and Honey
Jeans by Cotton On
Bag by Givenchy
Heels by Siren





For those feeling experimental consider the following ideas that I love:

Maxi’s dress with high splits over pants
Maxi’s with high splits
Monochrome dress over pants
Keeping it all the one colour for a suit-like look


Dress on leather pants
Layer over leather pants for a real change in textures


Bold block dress over pants
To make a statement opt for bold block colours


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