May 2016 through my iPhone

Welcome to my May 2016.  A monthly series taken on my camera phone which capture the everyday details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant. XoX
1st May – Mother son trips to Questacon and I think I’ve given him life long arachnophobia.  This was not a well planned outing…

2nd May – This face!!

4th May – A jelly cake made by a work colleague for morning tea… Too pretty to eat… almost.  I was so intrigued with this cake I had to find out how it was made on YouTube.

5th May – Cat [kat] ~ noun ~ A small, domesticated asshole that is provided a kingsize bed and goose down doona upon which it may rest but chooses to sleep on owners garments instead.

6th May – The reality of life as a blogger… A full working week in the office and now spending my Friday night editing photos… So glamorous.

7th May – Kiddo being a bit special at the Farmers Markets.  He’s like wearing a baby alligator in a backpack, will not stay still!

7th May – Sir Poop-A-Lot observing me while I do my least favourtie chore, poop scooping.

7th May – Apparently my cat has been suffering from stress… Because it’s such a hard life.

8th May – GO TO SLEEP!!!

9th May – This is how we train, 180kg sleds

10th MayNeutrogena Hydroboost mask… A little creepy but felt amazing!

11th May – Casting for “The Walking Dead”

13th May – Styling…

14th May – The crew

15th May – Those heart melting moments…

20th May – Movie night, we watched “How to Be Single“, 7/10

22nd MayFashfest model casting… Legs 11

23rd May – Work meetings in epic locations!  Black Mountain Telstra Tower.

25th May – Faux pas, we turned up in head to toe matching outfits to training!

25th May – Meet Sniper the American Akita puppy.  He’s so fluffy!

26th May – Acai bowl… Pronounced Ah-Sa-ee, not Ah-kai.  I’ve been pronouncing it wrong for years, thanks Doubleshot for setting me straight and the delicious breakkie.

27th May – On Black Mountain again for work and not quite as sunny as the other day.  #warmthbeforefashion!

28th May – Kicking it old school at Uni Pub

29th May – Them feels…

29th May – Got a bit carried away at Movenpick Canberra.  No regrets!!

30th May – Nothing feels better after a rough day at work that a Body Combat session and picturing someone’s face as you roundhouse them in the tits.

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