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You know when you’re doing something right when approximately 15% of your customer base are buying non-prescription optical glasses!  That’s a lot of people wearing glasses for the style and not for the necessity!  The Bailey Nelson pop up shop has been open approximately 6 months and what a welcome addition to the Canberra optometry scene they are!  Located on the ground floor of the Canberra Centre (opposite G-Star), I was one of their first customers last year purchasing my very first pair of prescription sunglasses and now I return again this year to pick out a few more pairs.

My top 4 reasons to love about Bailey Nelson?1. The price.  Unbelievable and uncomplicated prices because let’s face it, you all know I love a good bargain.  The price list is pretty straight forward.  Opticals range from $95 – $155 or $95 – $195 for sunnies.  You can add prescription lenses and the cost will vary depending on your prescription (there is an in-house optometrist doing eye tests).  My prescription is quite minor so including my prescription a complete pair of opticals cost me $155 and prescription sunglasses cost me $255, including polarisation and all the essential anti scratch and glare coatings!  I told my friend this and she nearly cried as she recently forked out $850 for her Prada prescription sunglasses, poor thing.
To further add to the affordability, Bailey Nelson also accept private health insurance and depending on your level of cover, your glasses may even be fully covered.

2. The designs are on point!  A huge range of on trend glasses from the straighty-one-eighty to the adorkable, hipster clip on shades, and on-trend transparent frames… the range is enormous and designed with fashion at any age in mind, new styles arrive in store monthly.


3. The quality is something you would usually find in designer glasses.  In fact, the imported Italian acetate used in Bailey Nelson glasses is the same as those used in the major luxury brands.  #fact!  All glasses are hand-made and once you have purchased a pair the staff will heat, bend and shape them to custom fit their new owner.

4. The service is great.  Friendly shop assistants will not bullsh!t you and happily help you find your perfect pair, including having the honesty to tell you when something looks not so on fleek.  A fabulous example of a Australian owned business!


I trialled a range of glasses from their current range:


1. Homer in khaki ($155)
4. Wallace in Matte Black ($95) and the Clear ($125)
5. Wells in Cherry Blossom ($125) + Wells clip-on shades ($70)
6. Wells in Cherry Blossom ($125)What do you guys think?
FYI, I wanted something a bit fashion orientated for sunnies but low key and professional in my optical. I ended up picking the Bronte sunnies (pictured below) and the Homer optical (number 1).
Photos by both Happy Schnapper and Cat Leedon Photographer
Editing and styling by Happy Schnapper

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