April 2016 through my iPhone

Welcome to my April 2016. A monthly series taken on my phone/digi which capture the details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant XoX

2nd April – I’m on Snapchat!  I’m still finding my way but am loving the “real life” perspective that it brings compared to other social media platforms.  Follow me @happy_schnapper but be warned, I post lots of baby stuff.

2nd April –Seeing double on location at this month’s blog photoshoot
2nd April – It’s photoshoot day and this style of photo has become our “thing” @catleedon
2nd April – Post photoshoot ice cream at Frugii, the fennel icecream was ahmazing!
2nd April – This guys impression of Bert Flugelman’s Cones?  It makes cool sounds when you slap it… @ NGA Sculpture Gardens
3rd April – Coles really pushing the broccoli!
8th April – Love my “Adult Dinner” crew.  At XO Restaurant in Narrabundah, 10/10
Photo by FoodKulture
9th April – Chocolate red wine… it’s a thing!
12th April – Now that I’ve discovered Snapchat I can’t quit it with the face filters!  I think I look quite dashing with a goatie!
16th April – First Body Attack class in months with Nat… killer!
16th April – These two munchkins learning to stand, soooo cute!

17th April – Rocking my mum hair at brunch, braid game is strong today

19th April – I got this guy some tiny Timbs!!  Now I just have to wait until he figures out how to walk… And this is the number of photos I had to take to actually get a usable one, haha.  This is why you don’t work with kids!

20th April – Stunning new artwork by Lis Dawning, it matches our décor really well, just need to hang it slightly higher

21st April – Gym junkies, there is 16g of protein in this serve of Evia yogurt and it tastes so good, way better than Chobani.

22nd April – My nerd hands!!

22nd – This little foot munching monkey!

23rd April – Starting the long weekend right with some doggie hill climbs up Mt Majura.  My Loui was the weakest link requiring 3 rest breaks… Bulldogs aint made for fitness!
Photo c/o D.Nicole

25th April – Preparing to shoot for Bailey Nelson

25th April – Hair and makeup lathered on for photoshoot day!

25th April – And again with the signature shot

30th April – At the opening of Vinnies Gungahlin and it was amazing!

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