Winter layering, in reverse

“Winter is coming…”  There, I’ve used it and promise not to use any more Game of Thrones references it again this season.

I absolutely despise winter, the frosty mornings, the short days, the need to rug up just to check the letter box.  I’d rather be sweating it out in 35 degree heat any day.  The one thing that makes Winter mildly tolerable is the fashion which is classy, dynamic and so much more creative.  When I think winter dressing the first thing that comes to mind is layering.  Traditional layering starts with the “small” and works its way up to the longer and bigger garments.  Eg:  Singlet, tee, shirt, jumper, jacket.  Today I reversed the traditional layering hierarchy and threw a cropped tee over my long sleeved blouse for a bit of a different look. 

The tee I selected was of a boxy cut that allowed my shirt to continue to drape naturally.  I found that by wearing the woven woollen fabric of the tee it provided a good deal of warmth through my core, much the same way as a sweater vest but with the added bonus of not actually wearing a sweater vest, I draw the line at wearing the same outfit as my dad!

I teamed the look with some faux leather pants and ankle boots that provided a clean and streamlined look to balance out the boxy nature of the top of my outfit.

Outfit Details:
Cropped frayed tee by Zara
Dobby textured shirt by Target, available here
Faux leather pants by Supre (old), similar here
Boots by Tony Bianco (old), similar here and here
Bag by Pink Corporation, similar here

Editing by Happy Schnapper

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