March 2016 through my iPhone

Welcome to my March 2016. A monthly series taken on my phone/digi which capture the details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant XoX

1st March – “Mum… please just stop.”
3rd March – My little water baby

6th March – Inundated with tomatoes!  3 laundry baskets full to be precise!  Not bad considering we didn’t actually plant any this year, they germinated through Loui’s digestive system (don’t think about it too much, it’s gross!)

6th March – Enlighten Festival… in broad daylight.  Didn’t see a single light but the lines for food were short.  I’ve got my priorities right!

6th March – That smile!

8th March – Attempt 2 at Enlighten and this time we saw some lights in between stuffing our faces.

Photo by Made by Jade Cakery

9th March – Lunch with my old uni crew.  The late nights, stress, cramming sessions and desk naps.  Wouldn’t have survived without these guys!

12th March – Early start at the Lorna Jane warehouse sale.  Lots of aggressive women shopping for active wear in their active wear.  A little scary!

12th March– Ran into Primal Move down by the lake doing some unique training… tight rope walking!  They offered me a go but we all know that would have ended with my face in the dirt!

13th March– “What do you mean it’s Autumn?!”

14th March– Working on something special for a local Canberra designer 🙂

14th March– They say dogs look like their owners.  Luckily Loui is dead sexy!

14th March – Celebrating at the Canberra Day concert

19th March – I don’t take a lot of selfies but when I do you can guarantee it’s gonna be on a photoshoot day.  Can’t let my hair and makeup efforts go undocumented, they are so rare!
19th March – Today’s epic shoot location!
19th March – And it’s a wrap, another shoot done and dusted with Cat Leedon Photographer!
21st March – The cat’s brought Loui breakfast in bed.  Now that’s love.
22nd March – Cracking out the Timbs and knits….  Getting chilly!
27th March – Ornithophobia.  I hear the fear of birds is quite common…  Just check out my face in the second photo!
27th March – Just the regular Easter family lunch spread at my parents place.

31st March – Gym time and still coordinating  #fashionneverrests!
31st March – Mini Schnapper, the new face of Colgate

31st March – Pig or Dog?  I’m still not sure… Judging by his flatulance I’m leaning towards pig.

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