3 ways to wear a rashfest with Solar Bare

One thing that has become so much more important to me since having a baby is the importance of being sun smart.  When we go to the pool my little guy is smothered in sunscreen, always wears a hat and a long sleeved rash vest.  To set a good example for him I always try to do the same however there is one problem, where do I get an adult sized rash vest that is not hideous? 

Introducing Solar Bare with their incredible range of “fashvests”.  Providing UPF50+ protection and available in a colour popping array of aquatic inspired prints, there is now an answer for fashion conscious women wanting to take care of their skin when out in the sun but don’t want to be wearing their husbands oversized t-shirts over their swimmers.

After chatting to Vivien, the passionate creator behind Solar Bare and local Canberran, she suggested that the fashvests should not limited be limited to  just water-wear but can be styled in a number of ways.  I loved this idea and embraced the challenge whole heartedly.  So here you have it, 3 ways to wear a rashvest!


The “Heaven” cropped zip front style of this rashvest makes it perfect for layering.  I wore it as light weight jacket over a draped tee and it made for a surprisingly insulating layer, perfect for morning brunch dates and running around the park with the kids.

Active wear

The nature of the fabric make these fashvests breathable, stretchy, cool to wear, moisture wicking and quick drying, thus being perfect for sports and gym fanatics.  It’s also great for outdoor activities due to it’s UV protection.  I wore the “Limeslice” tee-style for an afternoon work out in the sun which highlighted the uniqueness of the fabric which shimmers in the sunlight.  Also great for running in twilight as it’s so high vis!


Finally the fashvest in it’s natural environment and again I am wearing the “Heaven” crop.  While I’m about to pass out as I’m trying to suck in my mummy tummy so hard, I can’t help but feel like the most stylish sun-savvy pool goer at our local Aquatots, while all the other mums are rocking their one piece speedo’s and wet t-shirts, I’m wearing a piece straight off the runways of Fashfest!  Also note the added benefits of preventing small grabby hands flashing your goodies at unsuspecting members of the public, rashvests are definitely perfect childproof swimwear.

In partnership with Solar Bare
Photography by dailyfauxpas (Streetwear) and Cat Leedon Photographer (Active and Swimwear)
Styling and editing by Happy Schnapper

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