Travel – Turkey, my deepest condolances

In the past year Turkey has seen 6 suicide bombings… six.  The attacks in Turkey have been crushing, relentless yet largely ignored by media.  Seeing images of the aftermath of last weekends attack on Istiklal Street, particularly of an abandoned pram among the  debris, just breaks my heart.  Two attack this year occurred in places that my husband and I wandered through only a few years ago…  peaceful yet lively streets just obliterated… The blast in Sultanahmet in January occurred in a place where I’d photographed families and friends eagerly awaiting sunset to break their Ramadan fasts  with joyful and extravagant twilight picnics.

When I think of my time in Turkey my main worry was being conned into buying a Turkish rug (this did eventuate) or the lack of vegetables in my diet, being killed or wounded in a terrorist attack was so far from my mind.  My heart aches for Turkey, it’s beautiful people and the constant fear in which they now endure.

The following is a reflection of my trip to Turkey in 2013 which I never got around sharing but thought that now would be an appropriate time to reflect.

White calcite shelves of Pamukkale


Cleansing before entering the mosque for prayers
Hagia Sophia
Sultan Ahmed Mosque aka Blue Mosque
Basilica Cistern
The amazing ceiling of the Blue Mosque
Hello cavities!
View of Istanbul from the Bosphorus Strait
Lovely shop where I had a Turşu suyu… a drink of pickle juice… not so lovely!
Cave style housing dug into unique rock formations of Cappadocia
Blue Mosque
Crafts at the Grand Bazaar
Exploring Cappadocia
Graveyard in Cappadocia
Rock pools of Pamukkale

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