Accessorising with a choker scarf

Occasionally a trend comes along that I will fall for hook, line and sinker.  For me, it’s currently the choker trend.  I’m not talking about the 90’s style thin velvet choker necklace, complete with some sort of tacky pendant, as seen on  Sabrina the Teenage Witch or the cast of Degrassi Junior High.  The current choker trend is much more elegant with thick, high neck covering chokers generally built into clothing (shopping suggestions at bottom of post).

An easy (and cheap) way of following this trend it to simply use a thin scarf and pair it with basic clothing of the same colour, thus you can transform a number of existing tops and dresses into chocker tops and choker dresses without needing to actually buy anything new except for maybe the scarf. 
Today I did exactly that.  I paired a basic black tank and blazer with a thin scarf tied high around my neck.  I found that the outfit was nice without the scarf but with the choker detailing it became eye catching and unique, fashion forward. 
Lets talk floral pants for work… generally I would not support the idea as it’s incredibly difficult to look professional when your pants look not too dissimilar to curtains however keeping the colours muted or print less “busy” seems to work well.  I love the extra point of difference a print pant brings, even when no colours are involved.  Just remember to keep the rest of your outfit subdued so as not to over do it.

Outfit Details:
Thin silk scarf – Zara
Blazer – Zara
Singlet tank – Supre
Floral pants – Zara
Bag – Givenchy
Heels – Kmart
Editing by Happy Schnapper
Shopping Links
Runway Scout Break It Down Top – $49
Runway Scout Valentino Dress – $60
Boohoo Maya High Cut Out Neck Wrap Front Blouse – $36
Missguided High Neck Plunge Cut Out Blouse White – $42 
Supre Choker Top – $30

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