The denim utility suit

The utility suit… a favourite among painters, Ghostbusters and now fashionistas, say whaaaat?  I’m not one for playsuits but I am loving the one-size-too-big freedom of the utility suit and the inherently boyish styling that such a fit brings.

A bit weird and a bit wonderful at the same time, I love how the utility suit, something so unflattering and traditionally UNpretty is getting it’s sartorial time in the sun.  Probably the same reason that mum jeans, non-prescription eye glasses, Birkenstocks and op-shops cardigans have suddenly become so chic… Not such a fan of the last few items but the utility suit is something that I’m willing to take a chance on.

Outfit Details:
Denim Utility Suit by Zara – $89.95
Gambino heels by Tony Bianco – $50 (old)
Headband by Sheike – $10 (old)
Prescription Sunglasses by Bailey and Nelson
Photography by Cat Leedon

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