Mens style – Weekends with Luxire


What better for a morning coffee date than an easy, comfortable outfit? When I first saw one of these
long sleeve polo shirts from Patrick Johnson Tailors, I was instantly IN LOVE!
Made in Italy with very soft cotton and a comfortable buttonless spread collar,
this was an instant must-have. It is incredibly light – warm during winter and
cool during summer while still much smarter than a basic classic tee.
trousers were my first experience with custom made to measure from Luxire. I went
with traditional features in a modern cut; double reverse pleats,
high-waisted, thick waistband, suspender buttons and cuffed bottoms. Ordering
online is always a bit tricky, since you are not able to touch and feel the
fabric selection or try on for size and fit.  The great thing about ordering with Luxire is that you can either accept body measurements or garment
measurements. I provided them with garment measurements since I already know
exactly what size and fit I would like. Luckily the results were spot on and
most of all, very comfortable in this chino fabric. I would highly recommend
Luxire for a detailed, hand-made piece of fine clothing.
Outfit Details:
Jacket – made to measure by The Black Label Suits (Canberra)
Long sleeve polo by Patrick Johnson Tailors
Trousers, made to measure by Luxire
Square by H&M
Shoes by Aquila

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  1. Hi would you be able to tell me how you ordered the luxire trousers? How did you explain the order to them so that it looks like that? Could you tell me the ‘specs’ and measurements for it?

    It would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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