Mens – Cool as ice

I am a big fan of the colour blue – all shades of it. It’s so versatile, easy and cheerful. Grey is also a versatile colour. Combining blue and grey can produce a nice soft palette effect that is a welcome divergence from traditional black and dark grey. I am a big fan of wearing separates – different colour jacket and trousers for many reasons; It breaks away from wearing a “suit” and combining different jackets and trousers is fun – but I also have garments which are not parts of suits, so it makes sense to do so. I usually wear contrasting separates. This is the first time I’ve combined a light blue jacket with light grey trousers and it’s been a perfect accent for this warm weather.

Jacket: off the rack by MJ Bale
Trousers: made to measure by Chu Tailoring (Bangkok)
Shirt: bespoke by Bawden Bespoke
Tie: navy knit by Henry Carter Neckwear
Pocket Square by H&M
Shoes by Aquila

– Written by Albert Soesastro
Instagram – @aaaaalbert

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