5 tips to wearing a jumpsuit in the office

Easy to style, comfortable to wear and instantly elevating the wearer to “well dressed” status.  Jumpsuits and their little sister the romper have been a summertime favourite for the last few years however have not really made it out of the weekend wear category.  I don’t see why with the right fabric and cut the jumpsuit can’t be work appropriate. 

I find it a breath of fresh air when you feel like you’ve exhausted all combinations of blouse and pencil skirt you can throw on a jumpsuit and feel instantly revived. 
My tips for styling a jumpsuit for work:

  1. Pick a fit that is well tailored with clean simple lines for a sleek, professional look.  Avoid flowy jumpsuits or those with drawstring or elastic waists. 
  2. Opt for a solid colour – Black or navy are great options.  Do not even consider floral, this will put you back in casual wear territory.
  3. Select a more structured fabric – Avoid flowy or crumply fabrics like linen and silk
  4. Keep it modest – I would suggest avoiding low cut or sleeveless styles and would recommend a full length hemline for the cleanest silhouette.
  5. Accessories – Low key accessories and even a blazer will all add to your one piece power suit
Outfit Details
Jumpsuit by Zara
Soho Disco bag by Gucci, available here

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