December 2015 through my iPhone

Welcome to my December 2015. A monthly series taken on my phone/digi which capture the details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant XoX

2nd December – Work lawn bowls… It’s a hard day at the office.
5th December – Well isn’t this classy looking jelly shot taking things to the next level?  Adult jelly shots and evening garden parties, let the Christmas festivities begin.
6th December – Sun’s out, bums out!

7th December – First time meeting Santa, no tears.  What a champ.  This
grumpy Santa would make me cry.
8th December – Thank god for self service checkouts at the supermarket so that pitiful looks from cashiers can be avoided! 
9th December – Love this super kitsch print from the Handmade Shop, so uniquely Canberra
11th December – Work Christmas BBQ, love my colleagues!
15th December – Dog-sitting the naughtiest beagle around… after hours of barking we resorted to tying her up in the garage for the night, unfortunately we underestimated her skills in locating and destroying a 20kg bag of dog food and a bag of blood and bone… 
17th December – Barbie has sure had some work done since I was a kid
21st December – Parent fail #856, let baby play in the fountain at the airport which was apparently treated with super harsh chemicals that burn skin.  He seems happy.
23rd December – My first go of a selfie stick… what a natural looking photo.
25th December – Thank you Santa!!!
25th December – Christmas lunch devoured, check out Mr Food Coma in the back
26th December – Boxing Day sales, worst decision ever, never again!!!!
27th December – Surprise visit from bestie all the way from Ohio
29th December – @Dailyfauxpas, my long suffering Instagram husband.  Thank you for being a great dad, husband, photographer and for not eating your food until after I take a photo!  Xx
31st December – Have had an amazing year getting to know dude.  So much swag for such a little human!

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