Fashion – NYE 2015

Happy New Year folks!!  This time of year always brings with it a time to reflect on the year just gone and for me it has been one big roller coaster ride.  This time last year I was still struggling with learning how to care for my brand new little human.  While it was such a momentous time in our lives it was also the most difficult challenge that I have ever experienced.  A year on and life is simply a joy, definitely not easy but seeing a little person learn and grow is something truly special.  This NYE baby will be in bed at 7pm, hubby and I will probably watch horror movies in bed and be asleep by 11pm… there is absolutely no where else I would rather be!

I don’t want to make any New Years resolution this year as most times I can’t even guarantee that my hair will be brushed let alone set any monumental life goals.  Some very loose “habits” I’d like to see myself getting back into is blogging more frequently.  My poor little website has really taken a back seat of late and I feel that I really need to kick things back up a notch from total neglect to semi-lax.
Secondly I would like to take better care of myself.  I’m not just talking about eating better and exercising more but more so about taking care of my sanity!  Small things like taking time out to paint my nails, read a book, go for a walk or just taking photographs.  When you become a parent it’s so easy to forget your real self and just become slave to your baby’s eat, sleep and shit routine that sometimes just leaving to house alone to have coffee with a friend is more therapeutic than you know!

So tonight I wish you party animals all the best, stay safe and look after each other and hope you fall in love at midnight!  If I was heading out I’d probably go for this outfit, conservative and classic with a splash of bling.  See you all in 2016, XOX.

Outfit details:
Split front wiggle dress by ASOS, available here in white
Gala heels by Zu (old)

Photography by Cat Leedon
Makeup by KM Makeup

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