October 2015 through my iPhone

Welcome to my October 2015. A monthly series taken on my phone/digi which capture the details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant XoX

2nd October  – Farewell to a relatively new yet dear friend.  Aiden you made post-grad studies a little more enjoyable and I will miss our gym sessions and more importantly our post gym bulking sessions!  Look after yourself and all the best!!

5th October  – Super masculine date night @ Via Dolce

9th October – Floriade lunch and ferris wheel ride with the ladies

10th October – Happy Birthday to Us!  Mini Schnapper and I have made it through an entire year!!
Check out the incredible cake my friend J. baked!!

 11th October – Getting in on this whole colouring book craze with Doodle Invasion by Kerby Rosanes

11th October – loving this top from Target but for $70?!?  Target starting to get high end!

13th October– Mini Schnapper loving the new set of wheels he got for his birthday!

14th October – The epic saga that is my ankle tatt… I started with 3 dermal anchor piercings that my body rejected leaving 3 scars.  To cover the scars I got a TERRIBLE tattoo of goldfish, done by a random tattooist in Gosford.  After 2 sessions of trying to fix up the tattoo with my regular tattooist I still had a pretty shit tattoo.  I underwent 3 sessions of tattoo removal which did lighten that tattoo however was causing my skin to scar so I stopped the removal sessions.  In summary, my poor ankle has suffered:

– Dermal Anchor piercing
– Dermal Anchor re-piercing
– Tattoo
– Tattoo fix up session 1
– Tattoo fix up session 2
– Tattoo removal session 1
– Tattoo removal session 2
– Tattoo removal session 3

NOW, cover-up in progress and then to never think about this ever again, can’t wait!!

Thank you to Matt from Tattoo Extreme in Fyshwick for coming up with this incredible mandala design!!

17th October – So apparently the pet store sells pet prams!!  Either way, this guy thinks they are hilarious.

18th October – Coles is now selling crocodile steak!  Anyone have a good recipe?

19th October – This is what happens when my husband goes away for work!  Wine + Microwave Meals

21st October – His first “school” photo, oh my god that cheesy grin gets me every time!

23rd October – I love the ASOS Premier service!  $40 a year unlimited free shipping and unlimited free returns.  I ordered 8 dresses and returned 7, haha.

24th October – Who needs a husband when you have a Gucci?

25th October – Spring offerings from the garden.  Test tube vase from Kmart.


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