H&M to open in Canberra?

Based on nothing but rumour and hearsay, I can declare that H&M is set to open in the Canberra Centre! 

photo source www.avenuecalgary.com

Have you noticed that all the stores towards the David Jones end of the Canberra Centre have been moving, leaving a massive expanse of vacant stores across the centre opposite the G-Star on the ground and the Apple Store on the top floor?  (images below)

My “source” reveals that this space is being vacated in preparation for the Swedish fashion retailer to move in with construction to begin very shortly, exciting news for those of us who are big fans of affordable, on-trend fashion.

As if this information wasn’t the most exciting news I’ve heard all year, my informant also suggests that Topshop will be another big name to join the Canberra Centre on the upper level in the not too distant future.  This is all too much *faint*

If you can confirm or deny these rumours I’d love to hear from you – info@happyschnapper.com

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