Fashion – Khaki

Khaki is huge this spring which for me, someone quite adverse to colourful prints such as floral, I’m fully embracing it.  Khaki is like the amped up version of beige, watch out guys, I’m living on the edge!  For me, more is MORE when it comes to this colour.  I generally opt for an entire outfit made up of varying shades of the dusty green or will go for a dress in the colour, I find that little splashes of khaki just don’t suffice.

The other great thing about khaki is that it has done the rounds before so I think most of us have a few khaki pieces already lying about in wardrobes.  I put together this look from some existing older items from my wardrobe and I think I still achieve a pretty current look.

Outfit Details:
Cropped leather jacket by Zara
Blouse by Valleygirl
Skirt by French Connection
Belt by Witchery
Bag by Saint Laurent
Heels by Tony Bianco

Photos courtesy of dailyfauxpas

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