September 2015 through my iPhone

Welcome to my September 2015. A monthly series taken on my phone/digi which capture the details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant XoX

1st September – It’s a good friend that will agree to a night time meeting in a random place that is at the end of this path…  
Good news, I didn’t die.  Apparently there is a photography studio at the end of the mysterious path!!  Shooting a makeup project for my good friend @kmmakeup_tan and @dougbatmanhall
3rd September – Flower envy!  A lady in the office had this amazing bouquet of flowers delivered fresh from the Sydney Flower Markets.  AMAZING!

4th September – This is why Friday afternoons are the best time of the week.
7th September – Dinner and cocktails at Akiba with my girl @thehaleydiaries
11th September – Surround yourself with positive, inspiring and hilarious people!  XoX
14th September – My mother’s DIY answer to hayfever allergies!!
14th September – Trying to enjoy an afternoon snack and sunshine in peace…
14th September – Sick baby cares not for your happy snaps.  Little bobblehead has had a tough few weeks
19th September – BABY FREE DAY!!  Let’s party!!  And blog.
19th September – Look what I found at the Lifeline Bookfair!  Now that’s cooking that I could possibly manage!!
22nd September – Mr Handsome being handsome
26th September – I knew I should have worn heels.  Meeting the glamorous, warm, genuine and very leggy duo behind They All Hate Us Blog, Elle Ferferson and Tash Sefton.
With my fellow Canberra style bloggers Ink and Leathers and A Stylish Moment, photo courtesy of the Canberra Centre
28th September – Canberra finally turning on the weather.  A glorious day at Floriade!
30th September – Mid-week shots with this cheeky birthday girl!

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