July 2015 through my iPhone

Welcome to my July 2015. A monthly series
taken on my phone/digi which capture the details of my life that are small yet
by no means insignificant XoX

2nd July
– He certainly is growing!!

3rd July – It’s weird the things that make you beam with pride as a parent.  This for example was the first time bubs fed himself.  Next step, college!!


4th July – Back on the workout routine and enjoying sunny hill climbs again
6th July – The definition of too much swag!


9th July – Dinner– check, bath time – check, clean PJs on – check, bedtime milk – check, power chuck all over mum – check.


12th July – My gym crew/aka bulking crew aka excuse to go straight to Pappa Rich 
19th July – Afternoon nanna naps with the fur kids 

20th July – Dear giant baby, please learn to sit up soon as this is getting a little awkward


26th July – My mini Michael Phelps.  First swim lesson with this water baby.

27th July – The lazy woman’s lipstick, this is Lipsense lip colour 5 hours, breakfast, lunch and coffee later! Still perfect it’s longer lasting than any lipstick or stain I’ve ever used! 2 mins after application it did not even leave a mark when kissing my baby and is completely waterproof. Available in 71 different colours from Moroccan Bronze – www.moroccan-bronze.com (colour is ‘Praline Rose’)

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