June 2015 through my iPhone

Welcome to my June 2015. A monthly series taken on my phone/digi which capture the details of my life that are small yet by no means insignificant XoX
3rd June – Making my triumphant return to working life.  I never thought I would say this but I was SO glad to be back in the office!!  It was also very exciting that I had clean, styled my hair and wearing high heels!!

4th June – The universe was tempting me…
6th June – Totally star struck to have met Margaret Zhang at her Instagram Workshop hosted by the Canberra Centre.
7th June – Putting Margaret Zhang’s flatlay tips to the test with mini Schanpper’s medicinal stash… Week 1 of childcare and he ends up on antibiotics plus a whole lot more! #zhangflat
10th June – The secret to happy parent life is having a well rested baby!!  So thankful to have a baby with great sleep habits who gets 11-12 hours sleep overnight, phew!  I could watch him sleep for hours 🙂

14th June – Visiting my parents for lunch means spicy Sichuan Noodles!  Yummo!!


14th June – A peaceful (childless) afternoon in the sun

16th June – When you are craving Turkish Delight and this happens… the rage!!


17th June – I find this to be an inappropriately sized banana to be eating at work, I had to dice it up!

22nd June – Good morning cheeky monkey!!


26th June – “The Dance” by international artist Benjamin Shine is made entirely from tulle and is on display now at the Canberra Centre.  It’s stunning.

27th June – Look who’s sitting.  Better late than never!
22nd June – Love a good sale and these bad boys were $269.95 down to $52!
29th June – A romantic moment by the fireplace with this little man

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