Fashion – Check It Cardigan

I work in an office where the heating is apparently optional… My regular morning routines goes something like this:
  1. Get to my desk and immediately make a cup of tea.  Partly for the caffeine but mostly as a hand warmer
  2. Fill up my hot water bottle and place on my lap
  3. Remove my shoes and change into my “office ugg boots”
  4. Place blanket on my lap and wrap around my legs
  5. Put on a scarf
  6. Start work
I would like to say I’m being facetious however this is my EXACT morning routine with a colleague confirming that some mornings the indoor temp sits around 16 degrees!!  And yes, I bought knee high ugg boots in black to specifically blend into my work attire, desperate times call for desperate measures.

During the recent cold snap I was frozen to the absolute core at work and used my lunch break to go in desperate search of something cosy to wear.  I ended up with this somewhat dressing gown looking long length cardigan.  It’s a super warm heavy weight knit which is a bit grandmotherly, not something I ever intended to share on the blog however I experimented with a few combinations and found that not only is it beautifully warm but after some strategic accessorising it can also be semi-stylish, what do you think?
Outfit Details:
Check it Cardigan by Dotti
Snake print jeans by Bardot (old)
“Bo” studded boot by Zoe Wittner (old)
Fedora by Forever 21 (old)
Sunglasses by Versace (old)
Antigona (small) handbag by Givenchy, available here

Photos by dailyfauxpas 

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