Tight Ass Tuesday – Jumper cape

Cape Diem… I seized the day to seize this cape!  I’ve seen plenty of coat capes around but this is the first time I’ve seen a jumper cape.  Not quite a poncho this lovely piece caught my I when I should have been shopping for onions at Coles but somehow found myself in the Coles Mix Apparel section.  It’s not the only time I’ve found some awesome stuff at Coles (here and here) and this jumper caught my eye immediately.


The great thing about this cape is that it’s so non-committal.  Do you want the warmth and comfort of a turtle neck knit yet the freedom and flexibility of being sleeveless?  It almost sounds like some of the men my girlfriends go on dates with 😉

Today I’ve styled the knit with some bootcut trousers (maternity pants!) but I’ve found that it styles just as easily with boyfriend jeans for a relaxed look and even with an A-line skirt for work.

Outfit Details:
Belted Rib Cape by Mix Apparel – $29 available here
Maternity work pants by ASOS – $24, similar here
Peep Toe grey suede boots – gift
Outfit Total – $53

Lastly a big thank you to my good friend Cat Leedon for getting me out of the house to capture these images.  These were taken on the first day I dropped my little dude off at day care and I was beside myself with anxiety which was quickly forgotten once we started mucking around with the camera.  Cat specialises in capturing unassuming details, her photos are unique angles of the world via close cropped images – #notthewholepicture.  For more examples of her work please visit her Instagram page – https://instagram.com/catleedon


Photos courtesy of Cat Leedon

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